Background: Petition for Investigation


  • NNI & Teletruth have filed a Petition for the FCC to investigate whether Verizon has committed perjury as Verizon has failed to disclose to the FCC, courts or public that their entire financial investments are based on Title II; filed January 13th, 2015.
  • Verizon has responded with a letter denying our claims, filed, January 20th, 2015
February 23rd, 2015


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  1. Eye-Popping, jaw-dropping stuff. Thank you for painstakingly documenting this skullduggery.

    Are any state Public Service Commissions opening investigations into this, and if not, why not?

    If a consumer utility body wanted to investigate this matter, would NNI and Teletruth be in a position to provide technical advice and documentary research to assist in the case?

    Robert Robinson
    [email protected]

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