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Our New Multi-Part Series: The Real Truth-in-Billing & Services, Focusing on ALL SERVICES from Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast & Charter.

  • PART 1: Phone & Cable Triple Play’s Deceptive Advertising and Charges
  • PART 2: Can’t Understand Your Bills? They’re Designed that Way—Hundreds of Truth-in-Billing, Truth-in-Advertising Violations
  • PART 3: Wireless Issues: Whamming, Digital Stalking, Unconscious Billing.
  • PART 4: Are You being Overcharged for Services You Didn’t Order?
  • PART 5: Competition and Broadband Issues and the Telco-Cable Cartel.
  • PART 6: Model Legislation and Legal Complaints: How to Stop these Practices.