New Networks Institute & Teletruth have filed a Petition for Investigation  Against Verizon for Perjury in the Open Internet Proceeding, (Net Neutrality)

Ars Technica  FCC urged to investigate Verizon’s “two-faced” statements on utility rules


This case is open and shut.  In the Net Neutrality proceeding, Verizon has claimed that ‘reclassifying’ the networks as “Title II”, telecommunications, will harm investment and stifle innovation. Yet, in every state proceeding, we found Verizon has used Title II to get the state utility rights of way and charge customers for the FTTP, Fiber to the Premises, construction, which is used for Verizon’s FiOS services. Verizon has never disclosed this fact in any of the Open Internet Proceeding or to the courts– Verizon mislead everyone and we have filed, providing ample documentation — Verizon’s own statements to prove this point.

Section 1.17 of the Communications Act of 1934 details that “intentionally omit[ting] material information that is necessary to prevent any material factual statement that is made from being incorrect or misleading”,. and Section 1.16 of the Act states that violating of the Act is perjury.


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  1. Please investigate this. as a consumer on internet I am tired of this doublespeak that is used to help position the companies (Verizon, Comcast, Etc.) into a situation that makes them more profitable at the expense of the customers without doing anything to improve services for the customers.

  2. It appears that Verizon corporate leadership have not progressed beyond the early stages of toddlerhood, when one learns to one’s dismay that one cannot have one’s cake and eat it, too.

    Hopefully the FCC will supply the remedial examination and discussion necessary to appraise these gluttonous children that one cannot simultaneously use Title II when convenient and claim that Title II is harmful.

    The egregiously disingenuous fashion which which companies such as Verizon routinely mislead the FCC in their various filings is a crime in and of itself, although not one for which I am optimistic they will ever answer.

  3. Verizon… you guys really are not trust worthy. Not that any large company is, but you guys in particular just take this to a whole new level. Yikes, I’d be disappointed but I expected this, and that’s disappointing…

  4. Internet service providers need more REAL competition. That means citizens should have real choices of multiple providers. If that isn’t possible then they need to be regulated. In either case, the current market does not work for the majority of Americans who do not have real choice between truly competing providers.

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