Verizon’s Companies and Investments, US and Worldwide, 2009

Annual Report of VERIZON NEW YORK INC.

For the period ending DECEMBER 31, 2009


The common stock of the respondent is wholly owned by NYNEX Corporation which is wholly owned by Verizon Communications Inc.  This list displays companies in which Verizon Communications Inc. has interest of 5% or more:

  1. 210 Pine Street Condominium Association
  2. Atlantic Ocean Cables Limited
  3. Australian-Japan Cable (Holding) Limited
  4. BAFIS Bell Atlantic Federal Integrated Systems, GmbH
  5. BAP – Caroline, Inc.
  6. BATCL – 1987 – I, Inc.
  7. BATCL – 1987 – II, Inc.
  8. BATCL – 1987 – III, Inc.
  9. BATCO – 1989 – II, Inc.
  10. Bell Atlantic Administrative Services, Inc.
  11. Bell Atlantic Advertising (China) Company
  12. Bell Atlantic Capital Corporation
  13. Bell Atlantic Construction Services, Inc.
  14. Bell Atlantic Entertainment and Information Services Group, Inc.
  15. Bell Atlantic Foreign Sales Corporation
  16. Bell Atlantic Global Wireless, Inc.
  17. Bell Atlantic International – Italia S.r.L.
  18. Bell Atlantic Investment Development Corporation
  19. Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems, Inc.
  20. Bell Atlantic TriCon Leasing Corporation
  21. Bell Atlantic Ventures XXV, Inc.
  22. Bell Atlantic Ventures XXXI, Inc.
  23. Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless)
  24. CMIST Pty Limited
  25. Conagro Telecommunications, S.A.
  26. Contel Cellular International, Inc.
  27. Contel Federal Systems, Inc.
  28. Contel of Minnesota, Inc.
  29. Contel of New York, Inc.
  30. Contel of the South, Inc.
  31. Continental Telecommunications Company (Nigeria)
  32. Continental Telephone do Brasil, Ltd.
  33. CQRCert LLC
  34. Cybertrust Australia (Holdings) Pty Limited
  35. Cybertrust Australia Pty Limited
  36. Cybertrust Belgium NV
  37. Cybertrust BVBA
  38. Cybertrust Canada Corporation
  39. Cybertrust Holding International, A.V.V.
  40. Cybertrust Holding Netherlands BV
  41. Cybertrust Holdings, Inc.
  42. Cybertrust Hong Kong Limited
  43. Cybertrust Ireland Limited
  44. Cybertrust Japan Co. Limited
  45. Cybertrust Limited
  46. Cybertrust Luxembourg SARL
  47. Cybertrust Netherland BV
  48. Cybertrust Singapore Pte Limited
  49. Cybertrust UK Limited
  50. Cybertrust, Inc.
  51. Dickerson OLI LLC
  52. Digex Germany GmbH
  53. Digex Netherlands B.V.
  54. Empire City Subway Company (Limited)
  55. ESI KF Limited Partnership
  56. Exchange Indemnity Company
  57. Federal Network Systems LLC
  58. Fedora (2500) Pty Limited
  59. Fez (2509) Pty Limited
  60. Fox Court Nominees Limited
  61. Gemini Submarine Cable System Limited
  62. Global Directory Services Company
  63. GTE Alaska Incorporated
  64. GTE Arkansas Incorporated
  65. GTE Communication Systems Corporation
  66. GTE Corporation
  67. GTE Far East (Services) Limited
  68. GTE Life Insurance Company Limited
  69. GTE Midwest Incorporated
  70. GTE Operations Support Incorporated
  71. GTE Overseas Corporation
  72. GTE Products of Connecticut Corporation
  73. GTE REinsurance Company Limited
  74. GTE Southwest Incorporated (d/b/a Verizon Southwest)
  75. GTE Venezuela S.à r.l.
  76. GTE Wireless Incorporated
  77. INNET N.V.
  78. ISCP Alliance LLC
  79. Kalama Grain Terminal, Inc.
  80. Laycon Telecommunications, S.A.
  81. Mango Associates, L.P.
  82. MBW Venture Partners Limited Partnership
  83. MCI (CIS) LLC
  84. MCI Broadband Solutions, Inc.
  85. MCI Communications Corporation
  86. MCI Communications Services, Inc.
  87. MCI Funding Corporation
  88. MCI Intermedia Communications Corporation
  89. MCI Intermedia Telecom, Inc.
  90. MCI Intermedia, Inc.
  91. MCI International Mobile Services, Inc.
  92. MCI International Services, Inc.
  93. MCI International Telecommunications Corporation
  94. MCI International, Inc.
  95. MCI Network Services of Virginia, Inc.
  96. MCI WorldCom Asia Pacific Limited
  97. MCI WorldCom Holding B.V.
  98. MCI WorldPhone Limited
  99. MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
  100. MCImetro Access Transmission Services of Massachusetts, Inc.
  101. MCImetrol Access Transmission Services of Virginia, Inc.
  102. Metropolitan Fiber Systems of New York, Inc.
  103. MFS CableCo U.S., Inc.
  104. MFS Globenet, Inc.
  105. Mid-Atlantic RMTS Holdings, L.L.C.
  106. Minotel Communications Limited
  107. MK International Limited
  108. Montana OL3 LLC
  109. Montana OL4 LLC
  110. Montana OP3 LLC
  111. Montana OP4 LLC
  112. Morgantown OL1 LLC
  113. Morgantown OL2 LLC
  114. MovARoo, LLC
  115. Moviservicios, S.A. de C.V.
  116. Movitel del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V.
  117. Mtel (UK) Limited
  118. Mtel Latin America, Inc.
  119. Mtel Uruguay S.A.
  120. NCC Anaconda Company
  121. NCC Braeburn Company
  122. NCC Capon Company
  123. NCC Charlie Company
  124. NCC Delta Company
  125. NCC Dove Corporation
  126. NCC Echo Company
  127. NCC Farnborough Company
  128. NCC Farnborough Investments Limited
  129. NCC Farnborough Trustee Limited
  130. NCC Fox Company
  131. NCC FSC I, Inc.
  132. NCC FSC V, Inc.
  133. NCC FSC VIII, Inc.
  134. NCC FSC XI, Inc.
  135. NCC FSC XII, Inc.
  136. NCC Golf Company
  137. NCC Hampshire Investments Ltd.
  138. NCC Horizon Company
  139. NCC Indigo Company
  140. NCC Jupiter Company
  141. NCC Key Company
  142. NCC Luna Company
  143. NCC Mianus Corporation
  144. NCC Micron Company
  145. NCC Orion Company
  146. NCC Polar Company
  147. NCC Republic Company
  148. NCC Ria Company
  149. NCC Sierra Company
  150. NCC Solar Company
  151. NCC Stamford Corporation
  152. NCC Tarzana Company
  153. NCC Umbra Company
  154. NCC Viva Company
  155. NCC Xebec Company
  156. NCC Yearling Company
  157. NCC Zee Company
  158. Network Security Technologies, Inc.
  159. Nubal S.A.
  160. NV Verizon Belgium Luxembourg SA
  161. NYNEX Bell IP Holding Corporation
  162. NYNEX Corporation
  163. NYNEX Mandalay Holdings, Inc.
  164. Omniroot, L.L.C.
  165. One Parkway, Inc.
  166. OnePoint Communications Holdings, L.L.C.
  167. OnePoint Communications-Colorado, L.L.C.
  168. OnePoint Communications-Georgia, L.L.C.
  169. OnePoint Communications-Illinois, L.L.C.
  170. Pacific Carriage Holdings Limited
  171. Parlance Corporation
  172. PC Lease Partners I LP
  173. Phrygian (2504) Pty Limited
  174. Portal Investments, Inc.
  175. PT Communications Verizon Indonesia
  176. Quarry Technologies, Inc.
  177. Ranger Partners II, LP
  178. Rihab Dijla General Trading LLC
  179. RJM Lease Partners I
  180. Roxbury Corners Limited Partnership
  181. Rudolf’s Engine LLC
  182. SecureNetCertificates Pty Ltd
  183. SEMA OP1 LLC
  184. SEMA OP2 LLC
  185. SEMA OP3 LLC
  186. Shanghai Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages Advertising Co. Ltd.
  187. Sherkate Sahami Khass Telephone Sazi Iran
  188. Snood (2506) Pty Limited
  189. Southern Cross Cable Holdings Limited
  190. Steam Heat LLC
  191. Steamed Crab Partners, L.P.
  192. Super Computer International, Inc.
  193. Telecom*USA, Inc.
  194. Telecomunicaciones Skytel C.A.
  195. Teleconnect Long Distance Services & Systems Company
  196. Telesector Resources Group, Inc. (d/b/a Verizon Services Group)
  197. The Public IP Exchange Limited
  198. TruSecure (Hong Kong) Limited
  199. TruSecure Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd
  200. TruSecure Corporation (Singapore) Pte Limited
  201. TTI National, Inc.
  202. Ubidco NV
  203. Ubimedia NV
  204. Ubizen Aethis SA
  205. Ubizen USA, LLC
  206. Ubizen, Inc.
  207. Unicast Communications Corp.
  208. UUNET Equipment Singapore Pte Ltd
  209. UUNET Holdings Australia Pty Limited
  210. UUNET Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  211. UUNET Vostok
  212. VCC Atala OP LC
  213. VCC Triangle Services Company, Ltd.
  214. VEBA GP LLC
  215. VENTURE 36, LLC
  216. Verizon Argentina S.R.L.
  217. Verizon Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd.
  218. Verizon Asset Management Corp.
  219. Verizon Australia Holdings LLC
  220. Verizon Australia Pty Limited
  221. Verizon Austria GmbH
  222. Verizon Avenue Corp. (d/b/a Verizon Enhanced Commuities)
  223. Verizon Bulgaria EOOD
  224. Verizon Business Financial Management Corporation
  225. Verizon Business Global LLC
  226. Verizon Business International Holdings B.V.
  227. Verizon Business Network Services Inc.
  228. Verizon Business Purchasing LLC
  229. Verizon Business Security Solutions Luxembourg SA
  230. Verizon California Inc.
  231. Verizon Call Centre Services (UK) Limited
  232. Verizon Capital Corp.
  233. Verizon Clinton Center Drive Corp.
  234. Verizon Colombia S.A.
  235. Verizon Communications India Private Limited
  236. Verizon Communications Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
  237. Verizon Communications Philippines Inc.
  238. Verizon Communications Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  239. Verizon Communications Slovakia s.r.o
  240. Verizon Communications South Africa (Pty) Limited
  241. Verizon Communications Technology (Beijing) Co., Limited
  242. Verizon Connected Solutions Inc.
  243. Verizon Corporate Resources Group LLC
  244. Verizon Corporate Services Corp.
  245. Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc.
  246. Verizon Costa Rica SRL
  247. Verizon Credit Inc.
  248. Verizon Czech s.r.o.
  249. Verizon Data Services India Private Limited
  250. Verizon Data Services LLC
  251. Verizon Delaware LLC
  252. Verizon Denmark A/S
  253. Verizon Deutschland GmbH
  254. Verizon ELPI Holding Corp.
  255. Verizon Enterprise Delivery LLC
  256. Verizon Enterprise Solutions LLC
  257. Verizon European Holdings Limited
  258. Verizon Federal – Puerto Rico Inc.
  259. Verizon Federal Inc.
  260. Verizon Financial Services LLC
  261. Verizon Financing
  262. Verizon Finland Oy
  263. Verizon Florida LLC
  264. Verizon Foundation
  265. Verizon France SAS
  266. Verizon FZ-LLC
  267. Verizon Global Networks Inc.
  268. Verizon Global Solutions France SAS
  269. Verizon Global Solutions Germany GmbH
  270. Verizon Global Solutions Holdings I Ltd.
  271. Verizon Global Solutions Holdings II Ltd.
  272. Verizon Global Solutions Holdings III Ltd.
  273. Verizon Global Solutions Holdings IV Ltd.
  274. Verizon Global Solutions Holdings V Ltd.
  275. Verizon Global Solutions Ireland Limited
  276. Verizon Global Solutions Luxembourg S.à r.l.
  277. Verizon Global Solutions U.K. Ltd.
  278. Verizon Global Structured Finance LLC
  279. Verizon GmbH
  280. Verizon Hawaii International Inc.
  281. Verizon Hellas Telecommunications Single Member Limited Liability Company
  282. Verizon Holding Austria GmbH
  283. Verizon Holding do Brasil Ltda.
  284. Verizon Holding France EURL
  285. Verizon Holding Netherlands B.V.
  286. Verizon Hong Kong Limited
  287. Verizon Hungary Telecommunications Limited Liability Company
  288. Verizon Iceland ehf
  289. Verizon India Private Limited
  290. Verizon Information Services-Belize, LLC
  291. Verizon Information Services-Costa Rica, LLC
  292. Verizon Information Technologies LLC
  293. Verizon International Holdings Inc.
  294. Verizon International Inc.
  295. Verizon International Inc. Luxembourg S.C.S.
  296. Verizon International Investments Luxembourg S.à r.l.
  297. Verizon International Luxembourg S.à r.l.
  298. Verizon International Telecommunications Commerce LLC
  299. Verizon Investment Management Corp.
  300. Verizon Investments Inc.
  301. Verizon Ireland Limited
  302. Verizon Israel Telecommunications Limited
  303. Verizon Italia SpA
  304. Verizon Japan Ltd.
  305. Verizon Korea Limited
  306. Verizon Laboratories Inc.
  307. Verizon Licensing Company
  308. Verizon Ljubljana trgovina in storitive, d.o.o.
  309. Verizon Long Distance LLC
  310. Verizon Maryland Inc.
  311. Verizon Media Ventures Inc.
  312. Verizon Nederland BV
  313. Verizon Network Funding Corp.
  314. Verizon Network Integration Corp.
  315. Verizon New England Inc.
  316. Verizon New Jersey Inc.
  317. Verizon New York Inc.
  318. Verizon New Zealand Limited
  319. Verizon North Inc.
  320. Verizon Northwest Inc.
  321. Verizon Norway AS
  322. Verizon Online – Maryland LLC
  323. Verizon Online – New Jersey LLC
  324. Verizon Online Pennsylvania Partnership
  325. Verizon Panama, S.A.
  326. Verizon Pennsylvania Inc.
  327. Verizon Peru S.R.L.
  328. Verizon Polska Sp. Z o.o.
  329. Verizon Portugal – Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.
  330. Verizon Properties Inc.
  331. Verizon Reads Incorporated
  332. Verizon Realty Corp.
  333. Verizon Saudi Arabia LLC
  334. Verizon Select Services Inc.
  335. Verizon Select Services of Virginia Inc.
  336. Verizon Services Corp.
  337. Verizon Services Operations Inc.
  338. Verizon Services Organization Inc.
  339. Verizon Servicios Administrativos, S. de R.L. de C.V.
  340. Verizon Servicios Empresariales Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.
  341. Verizon South Inc.
  342. Verizon Spain Holdings S.L.
  343. Verizon Spain S.L.
  344. Verizon Sweden Aktiebolag
  345. Verizon Switzerland AG
  346. Verizon Taiwan Co. Limited
  347. Verizon Technology Corp.
  348. Verizon Technology Management Corp.
  349. Verizon Telecomunicacóes do Brasil Ltda.
  350. Verizon TeleProducts Corp.
  351. Verizon Trademark Services LLC
  352. Verizon UK Limited
  353. Verizon Venezuela, S.A.
  354. Verizon Virginia Inc.
  355. Verizon Washington, DC Inc.
  356. Verizon West Coast Inc.
  357. Verizon West Virginia Inc.
  358. Verizon Wireless Inc.
  359. VIC-RMTS-DC, L.L.C.
  360. Vigilinx, Inc.
  361. Vodafone Omnitel N.V.
  362. VWI Acquisition Corporation
  363. VZB Pakistan (Private) Limited
  364. Wallaroo Company
  365. Weatherly Holdings L.L.C.
  366. WorldCom Global Networks Limited
  367. WorldCom International El Salvador, S.A. de C.V.


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