Verizon New Jersey Broadband Scandal Resources

Verizon New Jersey Broadband Resources


  • On May 27, 2014, the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel filed with the Superior Court – Appellate Division a Notice of Appeal to halt a stipulation agreement between the NJBPU and Verizon New Jersey (VNJ) to erase a 20+ year plan called Opportunity New Jersey.
  • On April 23rd, 2014, the Verizon New Jersey and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities NJBPU signed a ‘stipulation agreement’ that they would erase any obligations of Verizon New Jersey leaving about 50% of Verizon New Jersey without upgrades and substituting a service that is the equivalent of DSL – and this would only be required of Verizon only if there is no other company offering a service – including wireless. (NOTE: Included in the appeal as well the transcript of the hearing to accept the agreement.)
  • The New Opportunity New Jersey Law, 1993– commonly known as PAR 1.

By 2010, 100% of Verizon New jersey should have had a fiber optic service, capable of 45 Mbps in both directions. Known as Opportunity New Jersey, in 1993 state laws were changed to replace the aging copper wires of the Public switched Telephone Networks, the state utility, with fiber optics. We estimate Verizon NJ collected about $15 billion for these upgrades.

We’ve been tracking ‘Opportunity New Jersey’ since 1991, before  ONJ was implemented in 1993. This same exact deregulatory con happened in almost every state in America.


Opportunity New Jersey Documents

New Jersey Board PU Actions: Stow Creek & Greenwich

  • March 12,  2012:  There were two show cause orders  issued by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities against Verizon  The first was on the original Opportunity New Jersey commitments to have 100% of the state upgraded to fiber optics, and the second was about quality of service requirements in the two towns.
  • Show Cause Order  “In The Matter Of Verizon New Jersey, Inc.’S Alleged Failure To Comply With Opportunity New Jersey Commitments”
  • Show Cause Order  “In the matter of the board’s review of Verizon New Jersey, Inc.’s Service Quality Issues”
  • April 12, 2012: Verizon’s Response 1 and  Verizon’s Response 2 Verizon claimed that it had fullfiled all of their obligations and that 100% didn’t mean actual services or even covering all customers.
  • May 14, 2012 New Networks rebuttal to Verizon We filed using Verizon’s own data to show that the company had told the State it been completing their obligations year by year – and that the data was ‘made up’—Verizon claimed to have 55% of the state upgraded by 2001 with a 45 Mbps bi-directional service.
  • April 29, 2013 Requirement to upgrade Stow Creek and Greenwich, NJBPU. This is the order requiring Verizon to upgrade the towns with fiber optics. If you notice it doesn’t mention the commitments to the rest of the state.
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  1. No renewal for Verizon; always been crooked; get bigger, only difference is that they are bigger crooks.

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