Why Donate

Why Donate?

  • We believe we have uncovered a major flaw in the FCC’s decisions and we want to take the FCC to court. – Place a bet we’re right.
  • We are already in court as part of an appeal of the FCC’s Business Data Services with Public Knowledge and Consumer Federation of America. The FCC has to give publicly funded networks to the companies as private property to help the companies’ other lines of business, such as the wireless companies.
  • The IRREGULATORS all have 30+ years of experience and we do not want the FCC to harm the public and erase all of the work we’ve done.
  • And we actually wrote the book on the broken promises, the charging customers thousands for fiber optic networks they never got, and have tried to hold the companies and the FCC accountable.
  • We want open networks, open internet, lower prices and everyone gets the fiber optic service they paid for.
  • In short, We Want Revenge for Aunt Ethel and the millions of customers who are getting screwed every day by the FCC and the companies the FCC is now protecting—AT&T, Verizon, Centurylink and the cable companies.
  • And promise we won’t keep asking you for more donations, bothering you with trivial things, or ask you to sign petitions for no reason!

Here’s Some of the Issues:


  • Higher Prices: Your Cable, Broadband and Internet Bills keeps rising for no reason. – From ‘made up’ fees to promotional pricing that goes away and the costs double, or the fact that you can never get the advertised price, there is no competition to lower rates.
  • Slower Speeds Compared to the Rest of the World: America’s Wireless: 59th in the World in LTE; 2nd in ‘Most Expensive’ Data Prices; 40% Is Overcharged due to “Whamming”.
  • The Solution: The Net Neutrality, Fix Telecom Chant should be: Sue the FCC: Break Up AT&T. At this point we are at the end game. The shut off of the copper wires, which is really an excuse to get rid of retail wired services and privatize the existing state utilities for their wireless service—is now in full swing.