Verizon NY Settlement Documentation

Reports and Filings Pertaining to  Verizon New York Settlement

New Networks Bibliography, 1985-2018

Reports and Filings:  Verizon New York and Related Analyses 2010-2018

COMMENT 1: Overview and bibliography

COMMENT 2: : Verizon NY in Multi-Billion Dollar Settlement Tangle, Underway in NY State. (Originally published in Huffington Post as summary).

COMMENT 3: Full Report:  Follow the Money: Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report Financial Analysis and Implications

Verizon State Based Reports and Analysis

2012 “Verizon’s State-Based Financial Issues & Tax Losses: The Destruction of America’s Telecommunications  Utilities” where we called for an investigation of Verizon’s financials and the cross-subsidies of its affiliate companies.

2013 Verizon Wireless and the Other Verizon Affiliate Companies Are Harming Verizon New York’s (The State-based Utility) Customers & the State.

2013 Investigation of Verizon Wireline and Wireless Companies Business Relations by the New York State Commission — COMMENTS filed by Common Cause–NY, Consumer Union, CWA and the Fire Island Association Call for an Data from New Networks research reports.

2014 “It’s All Interconnected” published by Public Utility Law Project, PULP, with David Bergmann, Esq.

Full Report:  Follow the Money: Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report Financial Analysis and Implications

Note: Current Investigation of Verizon New York’s business practices.

“Fixing Telecom” Report Series, 2015-2018

In December, 2015, we released the first two reports in a new series, “Fixing Telecom” a project that started seven years ago. They  are based on mostly public, but unexamined, information, the findings impacts all wireline and wireless phone, broadband, Internet and even cable TV/video services in America.


Report 1: Executive Summary: Verizon’s Manipulated Financial Accounting  & the FCC’s Big “Freeze”

Report 2: Full Data Report

Report 3: SPECIAL REPORT  How Municipalities and the States can Fund Fiber Optic Wireline and Wireless Broadband Networks.

REPORT 4:  Data Report   Proving Verizon’s Wireline Networks Diverted Capex for Wireless Deployments Instead of Wiring Municipalities, and Charged Local Phone Customers for It.

Report 5: The Hartman Memorandum  proves that the FCC’s own cost allocation rules created massive financial cross subsidies between and among the state-based wired utilities, and the companies’ other lines of business, such as special access, or the wireless service.

Report 6: The History & Rules of Setting Phone Rates in America —The FCC’s ‘Big Freeze’ details that the FCC has set basic cost accounting expenses to based on the year 2000 and the FCC has never audited or investigated the impacts for 18 years.

Report 7: SUMMARY REPORT: Verizon Massachusetts & Boston: Investigate the Wireless-Wireline Bait-n-Switch, January 17th, 2017

Report 8: Full Report: Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report Analyzed, June 2017.

FCC FILINGS with Fixing Telecom Reports

Letter to the FCC for an Investigation of Cross Subsidies as detailed in the Hartman Memorandum

On December 16th, 2015, we filed the first  reports in 31 separate FCC proceedings.

FCC Filings: Cover Letter, December 16th, 2015

FCC List of Proceedings

FCC Comments: Joint Board & FCC Cost Accounting Rules.

We filed comments and refreshed the record in CC 80-186, WC 14-139, CC 80-286, CC 96-45, CC 97-21, WC 05-25, WC 10-90, WC 12-353, GN 13-5, GN 15-191, WC RM-11358

On May 24th, 2017 the IRREGULATORS  filed comments with the FCC and the Federal-State Joint Board. They asked:

Re: Federal-State Joint Board on Jurisdictional Separations Seeks to Refresh Record on Issues Related to Jurisdictional Separations, FCC 17J-1

Re: Federal-State Joint Board on Separations Seeks Comment on Referral for Recommendations of Rule Changes to Part 36  as a Result of Commission Revisions to Part 32 Accounting Rules, FCC 17J-2

On May 15th, 2017 the FCC denied our call for audits of the FCC’s accounting rules and granted itself an extension, even though the FCC froze the way expenses were assigned to the different lines of business — but always having ‘local service pay the majority of costs.

On April 17th, 2017, the  IRREGULATORS filed comments with the FCC calling for the Agency  to do audits and investigations of the FCC’s “Big Freeze”. The FCC’s accounting rules were ‘frozen’ 16 years ago and they  have created massive financial cross-subsidies, making local phone customers pay the majority of expenses for all services, from wireless to Broadband Data Services (BDS).

This is important because it documents that the FCC can not create new public policies without accurate financial data,

“We refresh this record, again, with ‘Fixing Telecom’, a report series done as an independent voice, without corporate or political financing, because sometimes the Public should come first.”