Time Warner, Revenues, Profits and Expenses, 2013

Time Warner, Revenues, Profits and Expenses Per Service Per Customer, 2013

These are the Revenues, Expenses and Profits per customer based on the information supplied by Time Warner in their SEC filed documents. It shows that High Speed Access has an average cost  to the customer of $44.07, but only costs $1.34 to offer.  It  has a profit margin of 97%,

Also, while the expenses include business and residential services, the cost per month was only given for the residential customers. And, Time Warner gave the ‘cost per service’, but did not do High-speed internet, obviously because it was so profitable.

There are other costs and other revenues, but Time Warner’s statistics for their cost per services omits them.

1)     Average Profit Margins, 2013



High-speed data







2)     Costs to Offer the Service Per Subscriber

Average monthly video programming costs


Average monthly voice costs per voice subscriber


Average cost for high speed services


3)     Average Revenues by Line Item

Video(a) $74.90
High-speed data(b) $44.07
Voice(c) $34.06


4)     Average Revenue 2012 – Not one calculation matched.

reported math performed
Video(a) 74.64  $  75.62
High-speed data(b) 39.66  $  38.79
Voice(c) 35.68  $  34.90


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