Steve Forbes Take a Pot Shot at Us about Verizon New Jersey.

Steve Forbes Take a Pot Shot at Us about New Jersey.


Isn’t great when a ‘coin-operated group’, representing seniors has Steve Forbes writing their letters claiming — “some special interest groups are using the proposed stipulation as an opportunity to tarnish Verizon and its reputation in the state.”– I’ll be doing a rebuttal.

I should note that other groups have been putting out a form letter using my materials (though I’m not mentioned, but it’s great.) The State has received hundreds of letters about the stipulation agreement in NJ (which is designed to erase all of the obligations to rewire 100% of Verizon NJ with a fiber optic service capable of 45 Mbps – Customers paid about $15 and counting
— and both the Consumer Counsel, and the League of Munis have trashed the agreement.  *(one of the links has 381 letters)

And 60+ Plus: Huffington Post writes:

Three GOP fundraisers familiar with the plans of the billionaire Koch brothers and their rich friends told The Huffington Post that their donor network is expected to funnel this year tens of millions into conservative groups, including the National Rifle Association, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the National Right to Life Committee, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, the 60 Plus Association and the American Future Fund.


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New Jersey Action Alert

A special message from Steve Forbes

Dear Friends:
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is seeking public input on an agreement that Verizon New Jersey and BPU Staff have entered as it relates to Opportunity New Jersey. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Opportunity New Jersey, it is a 20-year broadband deployment plan that was created to expand Internet access to ensure New Jersey consumers and businesses could harness the Internet’s potential to fuel economic growth and prosperity.
The program has been enormously successful in attracting broadband investment. Over the last decade, Verizon has invested billions of dollars to upgrade and enhance its local network. Competition for communications products and services is robust and the Garden State now leads the country in being the most wired for broadband technology.
The proposed stipulation currently before the Board will build upon our state’s success by ensuring New Jersey consumers continue to have access to advanced communications networks. Because we live in a Digital Age where most communications are Internet-based and inherently mobile, it is imperative that our state remain open to new investment and innovation from the communications sector.
Unfortunately, some special interest groups are using the proposed stipulation as an opportunity to tarnish Verizon and its reputation in the state. In doing so, they are jeopardizing our state’s future economic growth and our ability to compete. That is why I’m contacting you today. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities needs to be reminded that New Jersey consumers demand the speed and flexibility that only advanced communications services can provide — the same services that will undoubtedly grow if the proposed stipulation is approved.
Please send a letter to the Board to let them know you approve of the proposed stipulation to keep our state positioned as a broadband leader. Click here to take action.
The public comment period ends next week — please weigh in today. Thank you for your assistance.

Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes



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