Research Reports from 1986 through 1991
During his career Bruce Kushnick has predicted the growth of numerous interactive information markets and services that have now become commonplace. For example, in 1985 as senior telecom analyst for International Data Corporation’s Link Resources, he predicted the explosive growth of voicemail and interactive voice services (Only 2% of businesses had voicemail in 1985, and now interactive voice is used for everything from automated banking to order placement). Other reports he wrote while president of Strategic Telemedia predicted the roll out of Caller ID (1987), the creation and growth of 700 and 900 number services (1986) and even 900’s stagnation (1990). He also coined such commonly used industry terms as “Intelligent 800”, “Telemedia”, “Interactive Voice”, and “500 Caller Paid”.
Link Resources (now Link/IDC) publisher Pages Exhibit
The Market for Interactive Voice Services, 1986 316 34
Volume II: Interactive Voice Company Profiles 261
Published by Link Resources,1986, price $5,185
The Telephone as an Advertising Medium, 1987 95 15
Published by Link Resources,1986, price $1,200
Strategic Telemedia, publisher
700, 800, 900: The Intelligent Networks, 1988 – 1992 171 29
Published by Strategic Telemedia,1988-1992 price $995
Automatic Number Identification, 1988, 1989 156 22
Published by Strategic Telemedia,1988-1990, price $995
Telemedia, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 13 26
Published by Strategic Telemedia,1987-1990, price $995
Enhanced Billing and Collection: White Paper from Forum for Interexchange Carriers on Enhanced Billing and Collections, 11/89 54  54
III Enhanced Billing and Collection: IXC, RBOC, PUC WhitePaper from Forum on Enhanced Billing and Collections, 6/90 126  126
Automated and Telemarketing Service Agencies, 1991,92 245 58
Volume II Service Agency Database, 355 Fields, 97 Macros
Published by Strategic Telemedia,19891 price $1,295

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