Recent Activities –

We are part of an appeal of an FCC decision on Business Data Services, our data has been used in an investigation of Verizon New York, currently leading to settlement-mode, and we just uncovered an major, structural flaw in all FCC proceeding. Help us take the FCC to court.

  • New Report: Solving Net Neutrality: We Found a Fatal Structural Flaw in Every FCC Proceeding”.  We believe this can be used to take the FCC to court in the Net Neutrality decision and other proceedings.
  • Medium article:We Solved Net Neutrality: “$400 Billion Broadband Scandal” Is the Evidence.
  • We Filed in FCC’S “Net Neutrality” Proceeding: The Book of Broken Promises Can Disrupt the FCC’s Plans
  • We Filed in FCC’S “Shut Off the Copper” Proceeding
  • Public Knowledge, New Networks and Consumer Federation File Appeal FCC Business Data Services Decision
  • IRREGULATORS’ Research & Analysis Used In Multi-Billion Dollar Investigation of Verizon NY —Potential Settlement Underway

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