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About Bruce Kushnick

Bruce Kushnick, President, New Networks Institute (NNI), has been a respected telecommunications analyst and visionary for over 15 years. During his career he has predicted the growth of numerous interactive information markets and services that have now become commonplace. For example, in 1985, while Senior Analyst for Link Resources, Kushnick predicted the explosive growth of voicemail and interactive voice services (Only 2% of businesses had voicemail in 1985, and now interactive voice is used for everything from automated banking to order placement).

Other reports he wrote while president of Strategic Telemedia predicted the rollout of Caller ID (1987), the creation and growth of 700 and 900 number services (1986) and even 900's stagnation (1990). He also coined such commonly used industry terms as "Intelligent 800", "Telemedia", "Interactive Voice", and "500 Caller Paid".

Some of Kushnick's predictions have been highly controversial, such as his finding in 1993 that the Information Highway was not going to be built. A Washington Technology cover story in 1994 stated, "If telecom analyst Bruce Kushnick is telling the truth (and we think he is) anyone involved in building the forthcoming National Information Infrastructure had better read his report word for word."

Over the last decade he has advised clients (including American Express, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, The Weather Channel, NTT, Ogilvy & Mather, Northern Telecom, British Telecom, Pacific Bell, and BellSouth) on strategic and tactical issues relating to implementation of enhanced interactive communications. Also, Bruce is frequently quoted in the media, from The Washington Post to Interactive Age to CNN, and has delivered keynote addresses on telecommunications topics worldwide. Mr. Kushnick graduated from Brandeis University, and was a Special Graduate Student at both Harvard and MIT. Bruce is an accomplished composer and pianist and performed at Carnegie Recital Hall in 1990. His semi-autobiographical novel "Touchtone" is currently in development at Warner Brothers, being produced by Wolper Productions to appear on the Fox Network.


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