“Fixing Telecom”, Previous Reports & Filings, -2016

2016: Fixing Telecommunications

New Report:
Proving Verizon’s Wireline Networks Diverted Capex for Wireless Deployments Instead of Wiring Municipalities, and Charged Local Phone Customers for It.
  • Consumer Federation of America and New Networks Institute Joint Comments and Reply Comments in the FCC’s Business Data Services (BDS) (also known as “Special Access”)  Proceedings.
Fixing Telecommunications
  • December, 2015, NNI  released the first two reports in a new series, “Fixing Telecommunications”. It is based on mostly public, but unexamined, information. It impacts all wireline and wireless phone, broadband, Internet and even cable TV/video services, and it continues today with impunity.
  •  It’s All Interconnected
Examining the Financial Shell Game
  • 2012, “Verizon’s State -Based Financial Issues & Tax Losses The Destruction of America’s Telecommunications Utilities” NNI  started an investigation of the financial books of  five Verizon’s state-based utility phone companies,  including Verizon New York and Verizon New Jersey  and  the ties to Verizon Communications affiliate companies, (subsidiaries) including Verizon Wireless, Verizon Online, Verizon Services, among others.Published in 2012
  • 2013 NEW REPORT: Verizon Wireless and the Other Verizon Affiliate Companies Are Harming Verizon New York’s (The State-based Utility) Customers & the State.
  • 2013 COMMENTS: Common Cause–NY, Consumer Union, Communications Workers of America and the Fire Island Association Call for an Investigation of Verizon Wireline and Wireless Companies Business Relations by the New York State Commission — Data from New Networks research reports.
  • May 2014It’s All Interconnected”, Public Utility Law Project, (PULP) published this New Networks Institute report (with assistance by David Bergmann Esq.) and it relied on unexamined data from Verizon New York using different Verizon supplied financials books.
  • The Verge: Game of Phones: How Verizon is playing the FCC and its customers, May 2014
  • July 2014 PETITION FILED :The Connect New York Coalition, filed a Petition with the New York State Public Service Commission to do a formal investigation of Verizon New York. he Petition is based, in part,  on NNI’s continuing research.
  • Coalition members include AARP, Consumer Union, Common Cause, CWA, and NY state politicians.

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