"The Unauthorized Bio of the Baby Bells"
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The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal is a "Special Edition" published by New Networks Institute. January 1999; Paperback, 508 pages, 664 footnotes, with a Foreword by Dr. Bob Metcalfe. (Retail price was $49.95)

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  • Openings, Foreword, Preface,
  • Book 1 --- Info-Scandal: Highway To Nowhere. The story of the Bells' failed broadband deployments.
  • Book 2 --- History & Strategies: Shareholders First, Customers Last. The history of the Baby Bells and their shift from away from serving customers.
  • Book 3 --- Show Me the Money ÷ Bell Revenues and Profits. How the Bell companies make money.
  • Book 4 --- The Regulators and The Laws. From the FCC to the Telecom Act.
  • Book 5 --- Overcharging by the Numbers ÷ Do the Math. Overcharging is in the Eye of the Beholder or Just Better Lawyers
  • Book 6 --- Overcharging on Your Phonebill and How to Save Money. Each part of the phonebill tells another story of customer overcharging.
  • Book 7 --- Customers and Conclusions. What's broken in telecom and why you're owed money.

ENDNOTES AND EXHIBITS -- There are over 660 Footnotes.

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