Deny AT&T’s Petition FCC; Industy Talking Points

Deny AT&T’s Petition at the FCC to Close Down America’s Networkas


  • FACT: AT&T’s U-Verse service is a PSTN-based-copper-to-the-home service which relies on the aging, existing copper wires that go into customers’ homes and offices and have been there for decades.
  • FACT: AT&T has failed to disclose this material and essential FACT in any state or federal proceeding we could find.
  •  FACT: Bait and Switch — AT&T has been using deceptive materials claiming U-Verse is a fiber optic based service  without mentioning the role of the PSTN.
  • FACT:  AT&T’s U-verse over the PSTN already handles broadband, internet and VOIP.  AT&T’s U-Verse offers IP-based phone service. This ‘transition’ is just a hoax.
  • FACT:  This entire plan is based on removing regulations and basic obligations like ‘carrier of last resort’, meaning the company no longer has to supply a working service (which includes both voice and data) to anyone in their 22 states.
  • FACT: AT&T’s current plan is based on the state-based American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) model legislation that AT&T et al helped to create.
  • * FACT:  New Digital Dead Zones: AT&T’s plan is to abandon almost 50% of their customers and leave stranded businesses, schools, and residential customers’ ability to use the networks for phone and data services, such as fax or even ATM machines.
  • FACT: The PSTN is Not POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service.  The PSTN has never been simply ‘voice calling’, POTS. AT&T’s plan is about the PSTN wires which can handle fax, DSL and all other services.
  • * FACT: The term “PSNIT”, “Public Switched Network Infrastructure & Technology” — should have been used as this term,  from the  1996 Telecom Act and state laws represents the entire utility wires, network switches, etc..
  • FACT: Fiber Optic Bait and Switch: The FCC failed to examine the FACT that over the last two decades AT&T was able charge customers’ excess phone charges to pay for fiber optic upgrades of the utility plant; billions per state, (though it varies by state.)
  • FACT: Wireless-Only vs Real Life.  While the telcos stop deploying broadband and push customers to a wireless option – There is no wireless option for many services.
  • FACT:  There is Massive cross-subsidization between the state-based utilities and the affiliate companies, such as Verizon, New York with Verizon Online or Verizon Wireless.
  • Petition to Stop All Proceedings:New Networks filed a Petition in August 2012 to stop all PSTN proceedings because of financial conflicts of interest of the FCC Technical Advisory Council (TAC) members as well as the manipulation of data being used to create faulty public policies.
  •  FACT; The majority of the TAC’s members have ethical and financial conflicts of interest as they have direct financial ties to AT&T or Verizon (who are also members).
  •  FACT: Manipulation of Data: AT&T has submitted manipulated data about their “access line” accounting and other important areas pertaining to their business practices.
  • FACT: The FCC, the SEC, and the state commissions have stopped requiring basic data about access lines, revenues or affiliate transactions – or at least making this data public.

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