AT&T U-verse Is a Copper-Based PSTN Service: Lawmakers and the Media Were Duped.

I just made a rather disturbing finding. AT&T’s U-verse service — its broadband, internet and TV service — is a copper-to-the-home service. More importantly, it is a fiber-to-the-press-release. Going though hundreds of blogs and articles as well as AT&T’s state and federal testimony and filings — including AT&T’s recent FCC petition to close down the Public Switched Telephone Networks, (PSTN), AT&T never once mentioned that AT&T’s U-verse is a copper-based PSTN service. U-verse uses the same, exact wires that have been in homes and offices for decades, even though AT&T is claiming that the PSTN is “too old” and needs to be “retired,” closing down about 50 percent of their 22 state territories’ utility networks.

AT&T has also told anyone who will listen that the company needs to “transition” the PSTN networks to an “all Internet protocol network” to make “Voice Over the Internet Protocol” (VOIP) work.

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Reverse ALEC-AT&T Legal Hackathon at Brooklyn Law BLIP

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  • Susan Lerner, Executive Director, Common Cause, New York & Brendan Fischer, PRWatch,– Who is the American Legislative Exchange  Council  (ALEC) and how do they impact public policy making?
  • Bruce Kushnick, New Networks — Reversing ALEC-based communications laws and  regulations. A brief history of Telecommunications, broadband and competition in the US and the current communications landscape.
  • Earl Comstock — With talk of a rewrite of the Telecom Act, what needs to be  done to reverse the current policies and restore competition.
  • Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law, BLIP –  VOIP and AT&T’s FCC Petition. Why access to  the networks is critical to competition in information services.
  • David Rosen – Content is King — From Net Neutrality to the ISP as  policeman,  content, including user-generated content is an issue that won’t go away.Esq.

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  • Joe Plotkin, ASA networks –Competition  on all levels is an imperative.
  • Joly Mac Fie, ISOC-NY — Net Neutrality principles should reflect competition of Internet, broadband and phone service as well as
  • Bill Skye,  Esq. — New Jersey’s rural customer are not being served. Verizon, New Jersey was to be completed by 2010 with 100% of the state’s utility being upgraded. to fiber optics, with speeds capable of 45 Mbps. in both directions.
  • Edyael Casaperalta,  Center for Rural Strategies, Broadband in rural areas is not happening causing economic harms to cities and customers.
  • Art Brodsky,How the game is played.
  • Dana Spiegel, NYC Wireless.

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