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About ALEC:

The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, is a skunkworks organization who puts together member corporations in many industries — including the phone and cable companies — with state and federal politicians — who are also members. Together they write ‘model legislation’ to make sure that the communications companies win — and you lose.

Reverse ALEC: The Threat:

Currently, the phone companies, working with ALEC have been able to create state legislation to close down all regulations and obligations. On the Federal level AT&T has filed the ALEC principles as a Petition, and even got the FCC to create a working group and task force to help close down your rights.


Articles: Huffington Post

Here’s some articles about the current state of the communications battle.

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  • Backgrounder The Immediate Threat:AT&T-Verizon-CenturyLink-ALEC:The Dismantling of the Public Telecom Utilities and the Closing Down ofTelecommunications Regulation in America.
  • Petition: (Filed August 2012.) Stop All Proceedings to Close down the PSTN: Investigate Conflicts of Internet of the Technical Advisory Council and the Presentation of Manipulated Data.
  • Report: Verizon’s State-Based Financial Issues & Tax Losses: The Destruction of America’s Telecommunications Utilities, the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN).”

How the Game is Played:

Harvard Nieman Foundation for Journalism Watchdog.


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