New Networks


Immediate Threat:

Deny the AT&T FCC Petition Now.
The New “Digital Dead Zones”
& Removing Your Rights to Communicate

  • Click Here FILE COMMENTS AT THE FCC NOW: Type in"Proceeding" --- "12-353"
  • Click Here: See the other companies and organizations who filed

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What to Write?

  • Deny the AT&T FCC petition now.
  • Investigate New Networks' claims and petition.
  • AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink (formerly Qwest) is planning on creating new digital dead zones --
  • AT&T's entire plan is part of the American Legislative Exchange Council's state and federal plan to remove all regulations and safeguards and regulatory oversight.
  • AT&T's U-Verzse is based on the old copper wiring --- Copper-to-the-Home. --
  • Where is the fiber optic services we were promisde? How much did I pay for upgrades I never got?


  • Write ---Whatever you like to tell them about what is planned for you.