Deny AT&T’s Petition at the FCC

to Close Down America’s Networks 


  • FACT: AT&T's U-Verse service is a PSTN-based-copper-to-the-home service which relies on the aging, existing copper wires that go into customers' homes and offices and have been there for decades.
  • FACT: AT&T has failed to disclose this material and essential FACT in any state or federal proceeding we could find.
  • FACT: Bait and Switch -- AT&T has been using deceptive materials claiming U-Verse is a fiber optic based service  without mentioning the role of the PSTN.           
  • FACT:  AT&T's U-verse over the PSTN already handles broadband, internet and VOIP.  AT&T's U-Verse offers IP-based phone service. This ‘transition’ is just a hoax.
  • FACT:  This entire plan is based on removing regulations and basic obligations like ‘carrier of last resort’, meaning the company no longer has to supply a working service (which includes both voice and data) to anyone in their 22 states.
  • FACT: AT&T's current plan is based on the state-based American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) model legislation that AT&T et al helped to create.        
  • FACT:  New Digital Dead Zones: AT&T’s plan is to abandon almost 50% of their customers and leave stranded businesses, schools, and residential customers’ ability to use the networks for phone and data services, such as fax or even ATM machines.
  • FACT: The PSTN is Not POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service.  The PSTN has never been simply ‘voice calling’, POTS. AT&T’s plan is about the PSTN wires which can handle fax, DSL and all other services.
  • FACT: The term “PSNIT”, “Public Switched Network Infrastructure & Technology” -- should have been used as this term,  from the  1996 Telecom Act and state laws represents the entire utility wires, network switches, etc..          
  • FACT: Fiber Optic Bait and Switch: The FCC failed to examine the FACT that over the last two decades AT&T was able charge customers’ excess phone charges to pay for fiber optic upgrades of the utility plant; billions per state, (though it varies by state.)    
  • FACT: Wireless-Only vs Real Life.  While the telcos stop deploying broadband and push customers to a wireless option – There is no wireless option for many services.  
  • FACT:  There is Massive cross-subsidization between the state-based utilities and the affiliate companies, such as Verizon, New York with Verizon Online or Verizon Wireless. 

Petition to Stop All Proceedings:

  • FACT; The majority of the TAC’s members have ethical and financial conflicts of interest as they have direct financial ties to AT&T or Verizon (who are also members).
  • FACT: Manipulation of Data: AT&T has submitted manipulated data about their “access line” accounting and other important areas pertaining to their business practices.
  • FACT: The FCC, the SEC, and the state commissions have stopped requiring basic data about access lines, revenues or affiliate transactions – or at least making this data public.