Bruce A. Kushnick

New Networks Institute 



Education: (See Educational Experience below)

Harvard University - Special Graduate Student, Psychology, 1977- 1978

M.I.T.- Special Graduate Student, Interdisciplinary Sciences, 1977-1978

Brandeis University - Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, 1973-1976

Researcher & Student at M.I.T. Research Labs in Electronics, 1971-73

Berklee College of Music, 1971-1972

Brooklyn Technical High School, 1966-1970



Chairman, Founding Member, Teletruth 2002-

Executive Director, Founder, New Networks Institute (NNI), 1992-

President, Co-founder, Strategic Telemedia, 1986-1991

Senior Telecom Analyst, Link Resources, 1985-1987

Independent Telecom Analyst, National TeleVoice, 1982-1986

Recording Artist, CBS/John Hammond Music, 1981-1982


Columnist, Broadband & Telecommunication Expert

Huffington Post, blogger, 2012 -

Harvard Nieman Foundation for Journalism's Watchdog Project, 2006-

Alternet, with David Rosen, 2010-

Teletruth & New Networks Primary Activities, 2002-2009

Since 2002, Teletruth has filed state and federal comments and complaints with the FCC, IRS, SEC, helped to develop class action suits, was first to file at the FCC using the Data Quality Act, and performed hundreds of phone audits, recovering millions of dollars for small businesses and consumers.

  • Class Action suit settlement against Verizon, NJ for inoperative circuits, based on phone data collected through Teletruth audits. October 2006
  • In 2004 and 2008, Teletruth received grants from the California Consumer Protection Fund to work with UCAN, to study phone, broadband, Internet, wireless charges.
  • Member, FCC Consumer Advisory Committee (2003-2004).
  • Class Action suit settlement against Verizon, NJ for missing small business discounts, based on phone data collected through Teletruth audits. July 2004
  • Proposed Congressional bill -- "The Broadband Bill of Rights". 2001-2002 (with Congressmen Nadler)
  • Created Roundtable for Small Telecom Businesses with Small Business Adminstration's Office of Advocacy, 2002.
  • Filed the first Data Quality Act complaints with the FCC over phone bill charges, broadband, small business competition, wireless spectrum issues 1994-2010.

New Networks Institute and Consulting.


Books and Major Reports:

  • $200 Billion Broadband Scandal, 2005
  • Dirty, Little, Secret Lives of Phone Bills, 2003
  • Regional Bell (RBOC) Revenues, Expenditures and Profits, 2002
  • Bell Executive Compensation, 2002
  • Bell Write-offs and Foreign Investment Losses" 2002
  • The Unauthorized Bio of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal, 1998
  • Inter-NOT: Online Statistics Reality Check, November 1996
  • Inter-NOT: The Terrible Twos: Online Industry's Learning Curve, 2/97.
  • Telephone Bill Databases, California, 2004, 2008 -- Wireless, Wireline, Broadband, Internet.

With Probe Research:

  • "10 Years Since Divestiture: The Future of the Information Age.", consists of 14 volumes, with two computerized databases. 1,900 pages, 875 exhibits. Highlights:
  • The Information Super-Highway: Get A Grip, 1995
  • Regional Bell Earnings, Expenditures & Profits, 1994
  • Telephone Charges in America, 1980-1993, two volumes, computer database
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Telephone & Cable Services, two volumes, 1993
  • New Network Services, 500, 600 and *100, published 1992

Computer Databases: (Computer Programmer, Designer)

  • Telephone Charges in America, 1980-1992 -- All charges, All states.
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Telephone & Cable Services, 1000 Consumer Interviews, with Fairfield Research, 1993
  • Telecom Turf Wars, 1995, 1000 Consumer Interviews, with Fairfield Research.

NNI’s research reports were marketed by:

  • Probe Research, Inc. 1992-1996
  • Fairfield Research, Inc. 1994-1995
  • Phillips Business Information, Inc. 1994-1996

As President of Strategic Telemedia, 1985-1992, (originally National TeleVoice) the primary consulting activities included strategic planning, competitive analysis, and new business opportunities using interactive telecommunications. Selected clients: American Express, AT&T, Citibank, Consumer Union, Donnelly Directory, Nippon, MCI, Ogilvy & Mather, Pacific Bell, BellSouth, Sprint, Weather Channel, Westwood One (NBC and Mutual Radio). Specific projects included:

  • Acted as principal consultant in the rollout of the first "NII" number service (like "311") in America, with Cox Newspapers, 1992.
  • Acted as principal consultant to Sprint to create a new division for Telemedia services, including competitive and strategic analysis, product planning and implementation, sales and marketing. 1988-1991 (Estimated revenues were $250 million in 1990.).
  • Worked with The Weather Channel to implement a series of telephone related services, including 800 and 900-WEATHER. Work included product planning, media rollout, selection of vendors, down side risk analysis and co-marketing opportunities. 1991-1992.
  • Worked with American Express, Checks Division, to develop other lines of business in telecommunications related areas. Project included the exploration of new service offerings, including a telephone calling card, as well as creating an independent telecommunications network. 1990-1991.
  • Helped create a division for Audiotex and Telemedia services for Westwood One’s NBC and Mutual Radio Networks, including vendor selections, financial and program planning, including the creation of a premier telephone sports program. Campaign assistance included Burger King, Levi's Jeans, Yoko Ono.
  • Worked with Donnelly Directory in the analysis of technology and marketing for the first national Talking Yellow Pages service, 1986.

As President of Strategic Telemedia, Co-authored first published reports on:

  • Automatic Number Identification, (Caller ID) 1986-92
  • "700, 800, 900: The Intelligent Networks", 1987-1992
  • Telephone as Media: Telemedia, 1987-91
  • Automated Service Bureau & Telemarketing Service Agencies -1991

Strategic Telemedia’s research reports were marketed by:

  • The Audiotex Group, 1988-1992
  • Jupiter Communications, 1987-1990

Other Business Activities:

  • Invented a ‘500’ Caller Paid network, using the 500 Area Code, 1990. (Rolled out by AT&T.) Example: 1-500-555-1212.
  • Telecom Director for "Prime Time to End Hunger", part of Bush Administration's "1,000 Points of Light", 1990.
  • Created first industry forums for Billing Services involving all RBOCs and IXCs, 1989-90
  • Founding member of the National Association of Information Services, NAIS (1990) renamed, "Interactive Services Association", (ISA)
  • Created "Continuous Information Service" for Link Resources 1986-1987
  • Created first report about emerging voice technology markets. Link Resources, 1985-86
  • Founding member, The Audiotex Group, 1986, now "The Kelsey Group"

Coined the Terms:

"Telemedia", "Interactive Voice", "Intelligent 800", "500 Caller-Paid"

Predicted or Influenced:

  • Predicted companies would incorporate voice technology and add ‘press one of this, press two for that" as their phone interface, 1981
  • Predicted the addition of new technologies to the networks, combined with the divestiture of AT&T, would create an explosion of new networks, as well as new applications, from online services to intelligent 800 services, 1982.
  • Predicted Caller ID, Calling features and voicemail would become important phone services and new revenues for the phone companies, 1985
  • Sprint used NNI’s data to create the Candice Bergen add "Do you know what you’re paying for long distance per minute?" 1992
  • Predicted flat rate pricing for residential long distance, 1990.
  • Predicted 900 services would rise… and then fall, 1986…1990
  • Predicted the Bells would never deploy advanced networks as promised, 1992

Press Interviews, 1987-2011, includes the following:

Featured in the emmy nominated "Bill Moyers In America" feature, "The Net at Risk", Business Week, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Advertising Age, DM News, CNN, Baltimore Sun, Interactive Age, Interactive Week, CNBC, Bloomberg, Inside Washington, Washington Times, Communications Week, Ad Week, Network World, Telecommunications Mag, Outlook on AT&T, Boston Globe, Communications. Daily, Associated Press, Newsbytes, Telephone Week, Philadelphia Inquirer, ISP Planet, Broadband Reports, Computerworld, ABC News-New York, Fox News-New York, Miami Herald.

Other Activities:

  • "Touchtone", optioned by, Warner Brothers, Wolper Productions., 1995-1999
  • "Touchtone" a novel, 1994
  • "Destiny", a novel, 1993
  • "Kushnick at Carnegie", Original compositions, Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, 1990
  • Recording Artist, with No Laughing, CBS/John Hammond Music, 1982
  • Opera "Ephiphanies" with Richard Kostelanetz, 1982
  • "Bruce Kushnick, A Retrospective", Carnegie Recital Hall, original compositions, 1980, accompanied by Robert Koff, founding member, Julliard Sting Quartet.
Educational Background 
  • Master Class in Musical Theatre, (under Lehman Engel) Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) 1976-1980
  • Mannes School of Music, with Dan Marek, 1979-1980
  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Psychology, 1977-1978
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Special Graduate Student in Interdisciplinary Sciences, 1977-1978, (Part of the Division for the Study and Research in Education, now part of the Media Lab.)
  • School of Contemporary Music 1976-1977
  • Brandeis University 1973-1976, Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, (Music Composition, Minor in Psychoacoustics.)
  • Harvard University Summer School, 1975-1976
  • Boston University, 1975, Special Graduate Class, School of Music Education
  • Sergeant School of Nursing, Boston U, 1975
  • Boston Architectural Center, 1975, 1976
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975, Linguistics & Music Seminars, with Noam Chomsky and Leonard Bernstein.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Laboratories in Electronics, (RLE) 1971-1973
  • University of Massachusetts, Computer Programming, 1971
  • Boston Experimental Electronic Projects ,1971
  • Berklee College of Music, 1971-1972
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1971
  • Staten Island Community College, 1970-1971
  • Brooklyn Technical High School, 1966-1970

Highlights of Speaking Engagements and Events, 1989-93

Speaking Engagements: Topics

  • Asian Direct Marketing Symposium 93, Keynote Speaker, Telemedia, (May, 1993)- Hong Kong
  • Infotext 93, The Creation of Area Codes *100, 500, and 600, (January, 1993)
  • Press Conference, National Press Bldg. 10 Years Since Divestiture: The Future of the Info Age, (July, 1992)
  • Audiotex in Scandinavia, 92 Automated Services & Telephone Networks in US, (March, 1992)-Copenhagen
  • Infotext 92, Buying and Selling an Information Service, (January, 1992)
  • National Database Conference, Databases and New Telecommunications Options, (December, 1991)
  • American Telemarketing Association, Using New Telecom Options, Annual Conference, (October, 1991)
  • World Telemedia, Keynote Address, The Growth of Telemedia, (October 1991)-London
  • Direct Marketing Association, Database Marketing and Telecom Options., (February, 1991)
  • Telemedia 90, Tutorial Overview on 800 and 900 Service, (November, 1990)
  • Information Industry Liaison Committee, Automatic Number Identification Applications, (October, 1990)
  • Intertainment, Growth of 900 and 800 for Entertainment, (October, 1990)
  • Retrospective At Carnegie Recital Hall, The Music of Bruce Kushnick, (October, 1990)
  • Society of Telecom. Consultants, Automatic Number Identification Applications, (May, 1990)
  • Voice 90, The Telemedia Perspective, (March 1990)
  • Telecom Publishing , Audiotex Audiotex Potential, Keynote Address, (February, 1990)

Strategic Telemedia Industry Forums

Forum I First Industry Forum for Long Distance cos. on issues of 900, September, 1989

Forum II Brought together the Long distance carriers and the Regional Bells (RBOC) to discuss Billing and Collections for 900 and enhanced services, March, 1990

Forum III Long Distance co. and RBOCs meet Public Utility Commissioners, June 1990