FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee Controlled by Telecom and Media Interests:

It's Time to Take it Back..

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Teletruth has asked the FCC and Congress, under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, to investigate:

IN 2003-2004: 

  • Who controls the FCC?
  • Why is 1/3 of the Consumer Committee based on the phone, cable and media companies? They're not consumers!
  • Companies include: AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular, Verizon, MCI, Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, National Association of Broadcasters, Telecommunications Industry Association, and the National Cable Telecommunications Association.
  • Why are some groups, such as APT, funded by the phone companies, allowed on the committee?
  • Phone bills are UNREADABLE and the companies don't want it fixed.
  • Why aren't there more non-partisan grass roots groups ---Hispanics, blacks, seniors, and wireless groups?
  • Why are non-profit groups acting as lobbyists for the phone companies?
March 8th, 2005 -- A new Committee was created (Word file) --- Same Problems: 
  • Alliance for Public Technology, Daniel Phythyon: is Senior Vice President, Law and Policy at the United States Telecom Association (“USTA”). APT is funded by Verizon and BellSouth and SBC APT is run by Sam Simon's Issue Dynamics. Other members, still on the Committee, also have ties to Sam Simon and Issue Dynamics.
  • National Association of Broadcasters,Sprint Corporation, Time Warner, T-Mobile, Verizon, Nextel Communications, Inc., Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, and Consumer Electronics Association,
Start an Investigation Immediately!

 What are the Harms?

Congressmen, Commissioner, Newsperson

  • Can you read your phone bill? Unreadable and inaccurate wireline and wireless phone bills are common.--- Mistakes are hidden, Customers are on the wrong packages, taxes don't add up.
  • New Questionable Charges: Why are there all these new added charges to our bills? Why is the FCC not hearing us?
  • Media Concentration --- Why haven't we heard about this stuff --- skunkworks, the industry control of the  FCC before? Less media means less in-depth investigations.
  • Why is there less competition now than a few years ago? Why did you allow the Bell SBC merge and now buy AT&T?
  • Wi-fi and Municipalities ---Why are the phone companies attacking municipalities to offer broadband?
  • Why are local phone prices going up, the FCC Line Charge, the Universal Service Fund --- And NO AUDITS being done?

Congress Needs to Investigate this Problem, NOW. The phone and media companies want new laws to make it even easier for them to give you less choice by putting competitors out of business and overcharging you through unreadable bills.

Two Subcommittees that can investigate the FCC.
  • Oversight and Investigations
  • Telecommunications & Internet


Write the Commissioners --- Tell them you will not accept the phone and media companies control.

NOTE: Powell is leaving in a few months. Make the other Commissioners care about the Public Interest.



Contact the Press: Contact your local media to investigate. Write the large media companies and tell them to start investigating who controls the FCC and the Country's agenda.

They're always talking about holding regulators accountable. Isn't time someone exposed the truth about who controls the FCC's agenda?