Reports and Filings, 2001-2002

Three Reports on The Bells Business Activities:  November, 2002
  • BellSouth, Qwest, SBC and Verizon's Revenues, Expenditures and Profits. "Executive Summary Report"
  • Bell Executive Compensation: A Primer in Corporate Greed.--- "SPECIAL REPORT" -- How much is too much? $1-2 billion in Stock Options?
  • Bell Write-offs and Foreign Investment Losses. ---"SPECIAL REPORT"  --- $31 billion since 1999.

    These new reports clearly demonstrate that the Bells are misrepresenting their business problems so that they can receive regulatory relief from Congress and the FCC, and higher prices for local phone services. The Bells are still some of the richest companies in America, and prices, for both local phone customers as well as competitors, should be declining. Let the facts speak for themselves.

  • Request To Complete Audits Of Verizon New York, Based On FCC's Continuing Property Record Audits Of The Bell Companies & GTE 8/22/02

    TeleTruth (and New Networks Institutute) is requesting an investigation into Verizon's alleged multi-billion dollar accounting discrepancies. The complaint was filed today in the three states, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, with the respective Public Service Commissions and state Attorney General's offices. "Forget about Enron, MCI or Global Crossings' accounting problems. Those companies are small time compared to Verizon", states Bruce Kushnick, Chairman of TeleTruth. "The FCC staffers called it 'Vaporware', but it equates to billions of dollars of missing equipment in every state that customers are still being charged for."

  • FCC is in Violation of Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act. --- Asks FCC to stop proceedings until FCC is in compliance. 5/3/02

    The FCC has proposed 6 inter-related rulings that will essentially will harm small business telecom competitors, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Competitive Local Exchange Companies. (CLECs) and millions of their small business customers. On May 3rd, 2002 TeleTruth filed Comments in these proceedings, pointing out that the FCC is in serious violation of the Regulatory Flexibility Act, which requires the FCC to do a Small business Impact study..

  • New Networks Institute Releases "Small Telecom Business Impact Study" --- Thousands of competitors at risk, millions of customers could lose service.

    5/3/02 New Networks Institute, in collaboration with TeleTruth, has created a "Small Telecom Business Impact Study", which shows that 1,500 Small Competitors could be harmed if the FCC's plans goes through, effecting over 10-15 million customers.

  • TeleTruth Asks Senator Hollings for Hearings to Break Up SBC-Ameritech and Pay $1.2 Billion in Penalties. 3/4/02 By April 2002

    SBC was supposed to be competing in 30 cities outside their region. The commitments were set because SBC merged with Ameritech, another Bell company. According to the agreement, the FCC can "Divest" SBC of Ameritech and it is required to pay $1.2 billion in penalties. Therefore, TeleTruth (with New Networks Institute) is calling on Congressional hearings. This failure has raised the rates of every local subscriber because competition did not come into the markets to lower prices.


    If the NTIA is really concerned about the future of American telecommunications, it must take a clear, fresh look at the data -- and not use data supplied by the Bell companies, through it myriad of Bell funded reports, lobbying groups, and other spin doctors. And the facts show that the Bells already received massive financial incentives to deploy broadband, they never delivered, and instead they pocketed the money Also, the Bells have harmed competitors trying to offer broadband services"

  • The Bell Companies Are Harming America's Internet & Broadband Future: National Survey of Internet Service Providers (ISP) Reveals.

    "About half of all Internet Providers have gone out of business, and if the current situation of control by the Bell companies over these independent competitors is not Immediately fixed in the next 12 months, the millions of customers who are served by these independent companies will be harmed,"

  • "Tauzin-Dingell Is Evil" Fact Sheets 11/20/01

    The "Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act", HR 1542, presented by Representatives Tauzin * Dingell is an attempt by Bell campaign-financed Congressmen to forget history and give more money to the Bell companies, all in the name of Broadband. If this bill goes through, America has been cheated twice.

  • NNI Files Comments with the FCC About Broadband Issues, 9/24/01


    • Is America really going to have the inferior ADSL product over the 100 year-old-copper wire as its broadband future?
    • Did the American public pay in excess of $58 billion dollars for a fiber-optic network theywill never receive? And why are they still paying for it in the form of excessive phonerates?
    • Why hasn't the FCC investigated the issues of the Bells' failed broadband deployment?
    • Why hasn't the FCC investigated and enforced the laws to protect competitors?


  • "The Future Telecom Policy Issues of Disaster---Capacity, Portability, Redundancy, and Security (CPRS) and the Calculus of Time & Money" 9/11/01

    It is virtually impossible to plan for a disaster, much less a terrorist act. As we are seeing, it can happen in likely and unlikely places and can do terrible damage to life and property. However, using this last round of heinous acts as a guide, it is clear that we need to improve the way American telecom, broadband, cable/TV services, wireless and Internet services are able to react and perform in emergency circumstances

    We believe it is time to evaluate the problems through the meta issues of CPRS--- Capacity, Portability, Redundancy, and Security --- It will help save lives and make America more secure.

  • "The Bells Caused The Current Financial Recession: The Fiber-Optic Fiasco And America's Copper Dirt Road" 8/02/01

    "The Bell companies have successfully defended their aging copper wire phone networks and destroyed any hope of competition or a fiber-optic future. Unless the problems of telecommunications are fixed, the recession won't end anytime soon."

To Read the Report, To Read the Press Release, A Copy of the Report in Word
To Read the Report, To Read the Press Release, A Copy of the Report in Word
Press Release, Report as a "WORD" File
The Findings: Bell Profits are 200+% above most American Companies. Bell Profits Violate Every State and Federal "Fair and Reasonable" Statute.NNI Estimates that EVERY Household is owed about $200 ---About $17 Billion for 2000.An extra $50 Billion should be investigated for the Bell's Failed Broadband Rollouts
  • 8 Reasons TAUZIN-DINGELL Is Bad for You.
  • Recuse Billy Tauzin from Regulating Telecommunications

    SUMMARY During the week of April 23rd, 2001, Congressman Billy Tauzin, (R-LA) and Congressmen John Dingell (D-MI) reintroduced legislation titled "Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act." This bill is designed to help the Bell companies (BellSouth, Verizon, SBC, and Qwest)  It will effectively close out competition and it will raise the prices to customers. It will deliver to America an inferior product, ADSL, and it will have killed an entire generation of new technology and economic growth.

    Also, we are reccommending that Rep. Billy Tauzin be recused from regulating telecommunications because of numerous conflicts of interest he has with the Bells, and BellSouth specifically.

  • Is Verizon Charging New Yorkers For "VAPORWARE" Costing $2.5 Billion?-- Filed 3/21/01

    NNI filed a series of complaints with the NY State Attorney General's Office and the NY Public Service Commission requesting that these regulators audit the Bell Companies for "vaporware" -- billions of dollars of phone company equipment that is either missing or was never purchased. These filings are directly based on FCC audit data.

  • REPORT: Verizon Harms Phone Customers, Competitors, New York State Economic Growth and it's Own Staffers 3/21/01

    NNI Files with NY State and Federal Officials to Investigate Communications Workers of America' (CWA) Report Findings. The report's claims against Verizon include the falsification of company service quality data, inaccurate information, possible consumer fraud for inside wire maintenance plans, deterioration of the current phone networks, lack of experienced management, lack of proper training, and harm to company whistleblowers trying to call attention to the problems.

  • The Broadband Bill Of Rights, 3/16/01
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NNI has created a new piece of proposed legislation designed to help alleviate the problems customers and competitors are having with getting and using broadband services, mainly caused by the Bell's sub-standard customer services

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