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Infoworld January 26, 1998

Telecom analyst ventures forth with documentation of big Baby Bell rip-offs. Foreword, Dr. Bob Metcalfe

Bruce Kushnick just spent seven years writing his "unauthorized biography" of the Bell telephone monopolies. His unpublished, 475-page manuscript exposes how the Baby Bells have been ripping us off since they were born out of AT&T in 1984.


Bell Fire -- "I Challenge Any Bell To Refute My Findings. If There Is Any Distortion, Let Them Either Put It Up For The Public To See ... Or Shut Up." March 22, 1999
First, thanks for running the piece about my book, The Unauthorized Bio of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal, in your "Bell Confidential: Feds, Fraud & Fiber" (Headers, Feb. 8). I would like to comment on statements made by BellSouth's mouthpie...

BYTE.COM             The Unauthorized Bio Of The Baby Bells An Info-Scandal
By Bruce Kushnick -- May 3rd, 1999

[Editor's Note: The Information Highway runs through the switches and over the wires of the telephone operating companies. Author Bruce A. Kushnick in his book, The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal suggests we haven't gotten what we've paid for in terms of high-speed access improvements. The question of what we're going to get, and when, from the telephone companies affects every denizen of cyberspace. Kushnick's opinions are unorthodox, but well grounded. This excerpt is from the summary at the end of his book; each point is backed by pages of research earlier in this 474-page work.] 

The Trail of Broken Promises
Former consultant uses pen to battle the Baby Bells.

By David S. Isenberg, America's Network

Bruce Kushnick doesn't get invited to fancy telecom meetings anymore. When he began exposing the Baby Bells' patterns of broken promises, his status dove from top telemedia consultant to industry pariah.

Sects, Lies and Red Tape
by Patricia Fusco of internetnews.com
Are consumer sects all part of a larger conspiracy exercised by the telecommunications industry to minimize competition and maximize margins? No. The grass roots and the half-truths are simply business as usual, reminding ISPs that Ma Bell may have been disbanded, but the Baby Bell’s learned their business models from Mommy Dearest.

Bruce Kushnick, author of The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells, estimates that somewhere between 30 to 50% of all Internet Service Providers receive sub-standard customer service from their line provider.


Lightwave Regulation & Policy, April 1999

A broadband comedy: Did the 'cable guys' kidnap consumer choice? By Stephen N. Brown

Kushnick documents the incumbents' decade-long pattern of stalling tactics and broken promises that have delayed a fiber infrastructure.

Bell Confidential: Feds, Fraud & Fiber February 08, 1999
In his new book, "The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal," due out this week, telecom analyst Bruce Kushnick chronicles what he claims are tens of billions of dollars of overcharges and underdeliveries by the Bells goin...

Fancy Footwork -- "There's Probably Not A Rat's Chance In Hell That Cable Companies Will Open Up Their Networks Anytime Soon." April 19, 1999
The ongoing legislative attempts to open up cable's high-speed Internet access to all Internet service providers is nothing more than trying to open a knot of wires with your toes. Yes, I believe that the cable companies should immediately ...

Info-Scandal and the Hosing Of America's ISPs