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"The Best Government Money Can Buy."

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Music by: Kushnick

Lyrics: Dr. Henry Karlin



Shove It Politicians Can't have an election without some country & western angst, throw in some powerful peddle steel guitar.

The Best Government You Can Buy

Who's kidding who? "By the People" now means the best government you can buy -- thanks to the Corporatocracy.

Tired of being pigeon-holed with various isms, --- socialism or fascism to Catholicism or Judaism – Can’t we all just get along?

Unintended Consequences Hear it and weep. We didn't teach our children well.
An epic tale of the lizard wanting food and the truck who is about to squash it.
Puppet People A rocker tribute to the 60's group Spirit who's songs include "Fresh Garbage" or "Straight Arrow"
Shoot 'Em Up America Forget gun control. Let's just arm America and keep our lives interesting. -- Can I get more bullets if I eat the salad bar?
Tyrants Sometimes it's important to take a stand -- can't always let the bullies win.
Inspired by the Arab Spring and dedicated to the ongoing struggle to stand up to tyrants.
Whoa. Here comes Armegeddon A whacked out rocker for those who believe the end is near... so why worry about little things like politics.

All Music & Songs Copyright 2012, KarlinKush

Politically Ridiculous: Some Liner Notes

The elections are upon us and it's hard to tell if we should laugh or cry as politics has become more about who has more money and who gets it then it does "We the people". Here's 10 almost political tunes to take you mind off of the fact that regardless of who wins, the hands of the puppet masters are the ones in control.

The Artist: Kushnick

This CD marks my the transition of going from an analog musical world, playing the piano, to going digital with the help of Apple’s Garageband, a music software program with 'virtual instruments', and 'sampled' sounds (short recordings), of voices or drums.  

Special thanks to Tony Coluccio of Global Media Music who tutored me on the art of going digital and Anthony, who drummed it into me (and plays on Armaggedon.)

BIO: Dr. Henry Karlin

BIO: Kushnick

Analog Creations: In case you haven’t heard some of Kush's previous analog creations, including piano works and youtubes.

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