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Merger Analysis and Complaints


o AT&T: (SBC), Southwestern Bell, Pacific Telesis, SNET, Ameritech, AT&T, BellSouth
o Verizon: Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, GTE, MCI, Alltel

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We created a separate report outlining the SBC-Verizon mergers through 2005

  • FREE REPORT on Telecom Charges. Phone, Broadband, Wireless, Internet & Cable Charges in San Diego, California.
  • With the removal of AT&T as a competitor, the prices of service increased and there was a clear harm to customers in terms of choice of service, Also, it is clear that this impacted previous AT&T customers adversely, especially low volume or low income families. -- Based on survey of actual phone bills in San Diego CA working with UCAN, on a grant from the CA Consumer Protection Fund, done originally in 2004 then repeated in 2008.
  • FREE REPORT on AT&T & Verizon. 25 Year Analysis of Key Financial Indictors for the Bell Companies-AT&T, Verizon and Qwest
    New Networks Institute Report: (63 pages), 2009 -- A complete picture of the reign of the Bell companies for 25 years since the break up in 1984. Covers: Market consolidation, revenues, profits, executive compensation, foreign investment and losses, wireline and wireless competition, Internet competition, broadband deployment, construction expenditures, depreciation, employees, cost of local, long distance, wireless service, 'access line' manipulation, 'very small business' wireless spectrum issues, and 'vaporware' and corporate influence over policy.
  • CONFERENCE: Has Divestiture Worked? A 25th Anniversary Assessment of the Break Up of AT&T. Featuring speakers Fred Goldstein, Mark Cooper, Bruce Kushnick, Carl Mayer and others discussing the whether the break up of AT&T worked and whether there should be other options as we go forward.