Some Quotes from Our Digital Past and Future


1) Customers are funding broadband:

New York State Department of Public Service, June 2009


“We are always concerned about the impacts on ratepayers of any rate increase, especially in times of economic stress,” said Commission Chairman Garry Brown. “Nevertheless, there are certain increases in Verizon’s costs that have to be recognized. This is especially important given the magnitude of the company's capital investment program, including its massive deployment of fiber optics in New York. We encourage Verizon to make appropriate investments in New York, and these minor rate increases will allow those investments to continue.”


2) The Public Switched Telephone Networks, not a Competitor was supposed to be rewired.


"D. NJ BELL'S PLAN FOR AN ALTERNATIVE FORM OF REGULATION MAY 21, 1992 --- NJ Bell's plan declares that its approval by the Board would provide the foundation for NJ Bell's acceleration of an information age network in Now Jersey and referred to by NJ Bell as ‘Opportunity New Jersey’ (See the Deloitte Report). Opportunity New Jersey would accelerate the deployment of key network technologies to make available advanced intelligent network, narrowband digital, wideband digital, and broadband digital service capabilities in the public switched network, and thereby accelerate the transformation of NJ Bell's public switched network, which today transports voiceband services (voice, facsimile and low speed data), to a public switched network, which transports video and high speed data services in addition to voiceband services."


3) The Speed of Broadband in the US in 1992 was 45 mbps in both directions.


"Broadband Digital Service Switching capabilities matched with transmission capabilities supporting data rates up to 45,000,000 bits per second (45mps) and higher, which enables services, for example, that will allow residential and business customers to receive high definition video and to send and receive interactive (i.e., two way) video signals."


4) Schools, Libraries, government offices should have been rewired multiple times.


Ohio Alternate Regulation Plan, September 20, 1994

"21. INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITMENTS The Company's infrastructure commitment in this Plan shall consist of the commitment to deploy, within five years of the effective date of the Plan and within the Company's existing service territory, broadband two-way fully interactive high quality distance learning capabilities to all state chartered high schools including vocational, technical schools, colleges and universities; deploy broadband facilities to all hospitals, libraries, county jails and state, county and federal court buildings…"


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