SEPTEMBER 2014 UPDATE: The Book of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal & Free the Net exposes the broken promises of the "Bell" companies--- now AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink, (throw in the cable companies) and is being pre-released because these are critical times in communications. It is the official update of $300 Billion Broadband Scandal.

  • 540 pages, 731 footnotes


On Sale Until Sept 25th, 2014: The official release as a paperback and e-pub will be Oct 20th, 2014.


On Sale Now: $300 Billion Broadband Scandal

Broadband Scandals starts in 1992 and was first published in 2005, and updated in 2009. It documents how the phone companies made commitments to rewire America and received $200 billion through 2004 from changes in state law to customers. And it covers how the FCC decided to close the networks to direct competition. Featured on Bill Moyer's Emmy nominated PBS special, "The Net At Risk", in 2006, it was updated in 2009 to $300 Billion Broadband Scandal, and now has been updated and enhanced with "The Book of Broken Promises". To date, it has had over 710,000 downloads, with over 41,000 the week of July 16th, 2014.

Investigative book offers a micro-history of how the Bell companies' (Verizon, SBC, Qwest, and BellSouth) failure to deliver on their promised fiber optic broadband deployments harmed America's economy and cost customers money --- over $300 billion.

Broadband Scandals is a well-documented expose, with 406 pages and 528 footnotes, and using the phone companies' own words (as well as other primary sources), the book outlines how the Bell companies received billions of dollars per state to build fiber optic networks that customers never received.

DSLPrime, Broadband Reports, Cook,, Sociate ---- "talented, persistent, honest"... "brilliantly documented this fraud" ... "stunning in its implications." "Anyone who wants the U.S. to thrive in this connected future should read Kushnick's book."

It's one of the largest scandals in American history and it's never been told, but it impacts every aspect of the future of telecommunications and broadband in America from municipalities laying fiber or building Wi-fi networks, the issues surrounding "Net Neutrality", "VOIP", "cable services", the cost of local phone service, the new digital divide, and even America's economic growth.

Broadband Scandal's conclusion: Publicly paid for infrastructure is being held hostage and needs to be freed. Customers funded the fiber optic networks and the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) should be opened to ALL competition with strict rules of Net Neutrality. The Bells have harmed America's economic growth and our global competitiveness.

$300 Billion Broadband Scandal was the 2nd book of a trilogy that started in 1999:

  • The Unauthorized Bio of the Baby Bells and Info-Scandal, with Foreword by Dr. Robert Metcalfe, tells the history of the break up of the original AT&T in 1984 through 1997. It also documents how the companies changed focus from local utility companies to international communication conglomerates-where the local customer and networks no longer mattered.
  • Original Printing: Paperback: 508 pages, 664 footnotes.