New Networks Institute Research Bibliography, 1985-2004

Bruce Kushnick, Author or Co-author

(Note: New Networks Institute is now the research arm of Teletruth)


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New Networks Institute Publications

The Future of the Information Age, 1992-1999

"The Future of the Information Age," is one of the largest indendent study projects ever undertaken to examine the impact the breakup of AT&T and the creation of the Baby Bells had on telephone customers. It consists of 14 volumes, over 1,900 pages, over 910 exhibits, a computer a database of telephone prices, as well as two computer databases with data from more than 2,000 consumer telephone interviews, (conducted independently through Fairfield Research).

Over 6,000 documents were examined, including information from the FCC, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), BellCore, telephone company annual reports, tariffs, telephone directories, proprietary reports from market research firms, trade and business articles, and association sponsored research. Also, actual telephone bills from subscribers representing 34 states were examined, including phonebill "collections" for business and residential subscribers.

The report series publishers include Probe Research, Phillips Business Information and Fairfield Research. This work culminates with the publication of "The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal" (which was originally published in May 1998 as a research report) NNI's research was privately funded and intended for distribution through the sales of the reports and databases.

Each report was designed to examine specific areas, from the changes in the price of local and long distance telephone services to the earnings and profits of the Regional Bells from these services. Also, extensive consumer and business customer interviews were conducted to determine customer acceptance of new technology or competition, their knowledge of their phone charges and their viewpoint of the companies offering them local, long distance and cable services.




Probe Research, publisher





Telephone Charges In America, 1980-1993

o (3 Volumes) examines the changes in the costs of telephone services, from 1980 through the formation and first decade of the Baby Bells. It is based on government sources, such as the FCC, state Public Utilities Commissions, telephone company supplied information, including tariffs, and finally, actual charges from telephone bills, which are compared to the telephone and government information. It covers most charges, installation fees, directory assistance, calling features, inside wring, phone rental, taxes and surcharges and local and long distance charges. It is accompanied by a computer database of telephone charges representing 50 states.



Volume II Telephone Charges State Database



Volume III Telephone Charges database Manual



50 States Telephone Charges Database, 224 Fields 27 Macros


Published by Probe Research, October 1993, $6,245






New Network Services: 500, 600, *100

o This unique report presents NNI's examination into the creation and potential uses of new area codes, 500, 600, and *100 as well as highlights the development of the local 511 (like 411) markets. Starting with an historical examination of the development of national networks, 800 and 900, including size of market and growth potentials, this report also examines the issues surrounding any new network's potential for growth, from regulation to deployment, that need to be considered by both the telephone companies and the users.



Published by Probe Research, October 1993, $995






Consumer Attitudes Toward Telephone and Cable Companies and Services

o (3 Volumes) examines the consumer perceptions about the companies that supply services, including local, long distance and cable companies, what consumers know (or don't know) about the costs of services, including local, long distance and cable services, and consumer interest in new services, from Videophone to Movies-On-Demand. This report is based on a proprietary survey of 1,000 consumers conducted Spring, 1993 by Fairfield Research.



Volume II 1000 Consumer Interview Analysis/Printout



Volume III Consumer Database Manual


1000 Consumer Interview Database, 101 Fields, 27 Macros



Published by Probe Research, October 1993, price $5,245






Philip Business Information, publisher



Regional Bell Earnings, Expenditures & Profits

o Regional Bell Earnings Expenditures & Profits focuses on the earnings and expenditures of the Regional Bells by lines of business, including telephone service revenues, overseas investment, number of employees, construction costs and annual growth. It also highlights the current patchwork of telephone regulations, from the FCC to the states' jurisdiction and examines the current holes in the fabric of proper monitoring and analysis.



Complaint TO FCC and Congress



Published by Phillips Business Information, 11/94, $1,795






Fairfield Research, publisher






The Information Super-Highway: Get A Grip

o The Information Super-Highway: Get A Grip This report discusses the major issues for the future information highway and details consumer interest, RBOC expenditures, projected roll out of fiber enhanced services, and historical data from Fairfield Research pertaining to proposed I-Way applications from movies-on demand to on-line services. It details NNI's projections, which show billions in losses. This report also examines the current bills passed and pending in Congress, the issues over Universal Service, and the proposed Ameritech "Customer's First" plan.



Published by Fairfield Research, 11/94, price $995






New Networks Institute, publisher






Telecom Turf Wars '95



Volume II 1000 Consumer Interviews Analysis/Printout



Published by New Networks Institute, 1996, price $2,495.






Inter-NOT: Online & Internet Statistics Reality Check, '96



Published by New Networks Institute, 1996, price $495.






Inter-NOT: The Terrible Twos: Online's Learning Curve



Published by New Networks Institute, 1996, price $495.






Info-Scandal: The Unauthorized Bio of the Baby Bells



Published by New Networks Institute, May 1998, price $195.



Research Reports from 1986 through 1991

During his career Bruce Kushnick has predicted the growth of numerous interactive information markets and services that have now become commonplace. For example, in 1985 as senior telecom analyst for Link Resources, he prediced the explosive growth of voicemail and interactive voice services (Only 2% of businesses had voicemail in 1985, and now interactive voice is used for everything from automated banking to order placement).

Other reports he wrote while president of Strategic Telemedia predicted the rollout of Caller ID (1987), the creation and growth of 700 and 900 number services (1986) and even 900's stagnation (1990). He also coined such commonly used industry terms as "Intelligent 800", "Telemedia", "Interactive Voice", and "500 Caller Paid".


Link Resources (now Link/IDC) publisher








The Market for Interactive Voice Services, 1986



Volume II: Interactive Voice Company Profiles



Published by Link Resources,1986, price $5,185






The Telephone as an Advertising Medium, 1987



Published by Link Resources,1986, price $1,200






Strategic Telemedia, publisher






700, 800, 900: The Intelligent Networks, 1988 - 1992



Published by Strategic Telemedia,1988-1992 price $995






Automatic Number Identification, 1988, 1989



Published by Strategic Telemedia,1988-1990, price $995






Telemedia, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990



Published by Strategic Telemedia,1987-1990, price $995






Enhanced Billing and Collection: White Paper from Forum for

Interexchange Carriers on Enhanced Billing and Collections, 11/89






III Enhanced Billing and Collection: IXC, RBOC, PUC White

Paper from Forum on Enhanced Billing and Collections, 6/90






Automated and Telemarketing Service Agencies, 1991,92



Volume II Service Agency Database, 355 Fields, 97 Macros



Published by Strategic Telemedia,19891 price $1,295