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What is Astroturf? Skunk Works? ---The secret workings to deceive the public according to Sourcewatch.

Harvard Nieman articles:


* Astroturf—An organization set up by a large corporation or corporations to put forward the corporate agenda but to look like an authentic 'grass-roots' group.

* Co-opted—An authentic group that is given funding by a large corporation or corporations, where the group lobbies for corporate initiatives even if they are contrary to the needs of its members.

* Skunkworks—A well coordinated clandestine campaign funded by large corporations (or industries) that incorporates Astroturf and co-opted groups, think tanks, PR and lobbying firms, and state and federal politicians to put forward the corporate agenda.

* Stink tanks— is a 'think tank', (most of the time a non-profit), that is funded by a large corporation that produces research for the large corporations, many times hiding their actual funding sources.


Other Reading: 

Sock Puppets, Wifi Networking News:

A collection of articles pertaining to the municipalities creating wifi services and the biased reports and coordinated actions through New Millenium Research Council and Issue Dynamics, among others, to present the corporate agenda.

Skunkworks 101: Issue Dynamics's and Affiliates Tribute Page
--------------------------------------Speaker, FTC, Telco-Ties.
  • The Phoenix Center
    • George S. Ford, Chief Economist.
    • Lawrence Spiwak, president
  • Alfred E. Kahn, Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus, at Cornell University, (NERA).
  • William Lehr, Phd
  • Thomas M. Lenard, PFF,
  • Timothy J. Muris, George Mason University School of Law.
  • Gregory L. Rosston , Stanford Institute for Economic Policy
  • Gregory Sidak, Founder of Criterion Economics
  • Scott Wallsten , PFF
  • Hands off the Internet
    • Christopher Wolf. C0-Chairman

Other Reading: 

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing, Telecom Industry Front Groups and Astroturf, Common Cause

  • Consumers for Cable Choice
  • FreedomWorks
  • Progress and Freedom Foundation
  • American Legislative Exchange Council (*ALEC)
  • New Millennium Research Council
  • Frontiers of Freedom
  • Keep It Local NJ
  • Internet Innovation Alliance
  • MyWireless.org
New Millennium Affialiates with Ties to AT&T or Verizon
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Brookings Institute
  • AEI-Brookings
    • Robert Crandall, is a senior fellow with both the AEI-Brookings
    • Hugh Price, Senior Fellow at Brookings, on the Verizon board
  • The Analysis Group
    • Coleman Bazelon, vice president
  • Beacon Hill Institute
    • David G. Tuerck Executive Director.
  • Cato Institute
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute
    • Solveig Singleton Senior Policy Analyst
    • Braden Cox was technology counsel
  • Criterion Economics
    • Jeffrey Eisenbach, is chairman, co-founded "Progress & Freedom Foundation
    • Robert Crandall also works for the Bells through AEI:Brookings
    • Hal Singer, President,
    • J. Gregory Sidak founder of Criterion Economics, L.L.C.,
    • o Jeffrey West is Vice President,
  • The Heartland Institute
    • Steven Titch Senior Fellow,
  • The Heritage Foundation.
    • James Gattuso regulatory and telecommunications issues
  • Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI),
  • Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
    • Thomas Hazlett (the Manhattan Institute),
    • Peter Huber,
  • Pacific Research Institute
    • Sonia Arrison is director of Technology Studies
  • Progress & Freedom Foundation
    • Adam Thierer is Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Digital Media Freedom,
  • Progressive Policy Institute
  • TeleNomic Research
    • Stephen B. Pociask is also affiliated with American Consumer Institute.
  • U.S. Internet Industry Assc.
    • David P. McClure, President

    FCC Consumer Advisory Committee & Astroturf groups:

Who controls the FCC? It certainly isn't you, the customer. Teletruth filed a complaint about the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) because after serving on it for two years, it was clear that industry interests, and not customers, are in charge. There are still astroturf and co-opted groups, not to mention industry players on this board.