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Tauzin-Dingell is Evil
A Corporate Welfare Relief Bill, Designed to Help 4 Very Large Bell Phone Companies Make More of Your Money.


Rep. Billy Tauzin 

 Rep. John Dingell

The Latest:  3/08/02

"The Fix Was In: House For Sale," This round of the fight for customer broadband rights is over and we lost. Big Business --- the Big Bell Phone Companies --- won this round. However, this bill still has to pass the Senate. There is also another threat --- this time at the FCC where th4e essence of ths bill is being presented. We will be updating this site with details next week. Read this obituary....

Open Secrets: Money Talks in the Tauzin-Dingell Bill: Contributions Correlate Strongly with Final Vote

"In an era when strict party-line votes are the rule of the day on Capitol Hill, theTauzin-Dingell bill passed Feb. 27 by the House of Representatives provides a fascinating example of a voting tally that ran much closer to contribution patterns than to party affiliation."

The chart below shows how those who voted Yes got an average of $14, 700

How did your Congressmen vote? How much money did they get from the Bell Companies of Long Distance Companies? How did they vote? Click Here...


Summary:  In 2001, a bill was introduced by Representatives Tauzin-& Dingell that is designed to give the four Bell monopolies---BellSouth, Verizon (Bell Atlantic, GTE, NYNEX), SBC (Ameritech, Pac Bell) and Qwest, more of your money --- in the name of broadband. We beleive this bill is "evil" because it is nothing more than a campaign-financed, corporate welfare bill to give subsides to companies who don't need or deserve it. Want proof? Read the contents of this site --- and get mad.

What is Tauzin-Dingell and Why is it Bad? 

Some of Those Opposed to Tauzin Dingell: 

Should Billy Tauzin Recuse Himself from Voting on Telecom Issues Because of His Ties to the Bells?

Money and Politics: Thanks to Open Secrets:

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