Why Donate

Why Donate?

Read a more detailed list of the current issues.

It’s simple 

  • AT&T, Verizon, Centurylink and the cable companies, are now some of the most hated companies in America. — If you like them — don’t give us money.
  • Because they are working together and spending hundreds of millions of dollars — We will lose
  • They are going to raise you rates, not upgrade their networks, keep competitors off the network and they’ll be no regulators to keep them in check. When your line breaks… too bad, prices go up and no other choice sorry.
  • We’re for Open, Fast affordable networks for everyone –So if you’re for slow, expensive, closed networks where they control who gets it — don’t donate.
  • If you’re a company using the networks or are offering services over the networks — when they close them or restrict your use, are you going to just sit there and take it?

Suggested Donations

  • $25 — You want open, fast, affordable networks -everywhere.
  • $50  —-Place a bet we can help get rid of those extra bogus charges – to save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  • $100 —-These companies screwed me and my family – Get revenge and fix this stuff – please.
  • $250 —-What happens after the next storm and the companies don’t want to repair/restore your service?
  • $500 —-Their plan is to close down your ability to offer services – Who’s stopping them?
  • $1000— We know you don’t want to piss off your networks providers – Let us do it for you — to protect your interests
  • $2,500 —Glad to see you or your company are serious-We are.
  • Donate any amount


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